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Lancome Bocage care deodorant cream 50 ml

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Bocage deodorant cream 50 ml

Bocage Bille Caresse Deodorant Cream is part of a series of deodorant body of Lancome. Enriched with patented deo-relais, antiperspirant is very effective, but it is also gentle on the skin - it can be used even in the case of sensitive skin or immediately after depilation armpits. It contains no alcohol, do not leave a greasy or wet coating.
contains aluminum salts, which owes performed so deodorant and are contained in the duo-specific relay system, eliminating bacteria microcapsule.
Deodorant is a light, powdery scent that disappears almost immediately after drying on the skin (and it happens really fast), hence may be regarded as odor (smell evaporates immediately after application).

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