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White Nails

Nowadays there are plenty of colors of gel hybrid nail polishes. That is why you can decide for whatever you want, according to your job, style and taste. But have you ever thought of white nails? No? Maybe it’s time to change it? White nails are perfect as summer nails, cause they suit perfectly to a tanned skin. White nails emphasize a beautiful color of your skin and your summer manicure looks extremely fresh and unique then.

However, white nails are great for winter as well. Can you imagine the white base on your nails and silver snowflakes, gingerbread boy or red Santa Claus on them? This kind of winter manicure is just a perfect combination with a white gel polish. In addition, white nail polish can be the best product to paint any patterns or shapes on your nails. Try and see that the final effect is unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking. Together with a darker base (black, blue, red, green) or even nude or pastel colors, your nails will look different than usually and you’ll definitely love it.

£3.59 £6.99 You save: 48%( £3.40 )
£4.19 £4.49 You save: 6%( £0.30 )
£9.99 £10.90 You save: 8%( £0.91 )
£3.39 £4.80 You save: 29%( £1.41 )
£5.69 £7.99 You save: 28%( £2.30 )
£4.99 £6.59 You save: 24%( £1.60 )
£2.99 £4.99 You save: 40%( £2.00 )
£2.99 £4.99 You save: 40%( £2.00 )

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