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Coffee not only has stimulant properties - that's what Body Boom experts prove. The combination of robusta coffee with fragrant ingredients works great for exfoliating dead skin. Coffee peeling will leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

It will also deal with the bane of women - cellulite, skin changes or stretch marks - it is enough to use it regularly. Coffee scrub will improve circulation and support weight loss. Body Boom cosmetics have an advantage over other body scrubs - the sachet is very efficient and lasts for 20 washes. If you are still not convinced, look at fragrant ingredients and imagine how the smell of strawberry, grapefruit or mango spreads in your bathroom. All you have to do is light candles, activate relaxing music and relax, combining business with pleasure. The company's portfolio includes exfoliating cosmetics with brown sugar, which slows down the evaporation of water from the skin, cocoa butter, which softens and tones the skin, and nutritious macadamia oil, which inhibits aging processes. In the products you will also find precious argan oil, antibacterial almond oil, vitamin E and Himalayan salt, which is great for keratinized epidermis. Body Boom cosmetics are a healthy vegan alternative to chemical products.