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False Lashes

False lashes have been around for some time already but now they come in an enhanced and more natural form than before. In Roxie Cosmetics you can find false lashes with glue already in the set. The lashes in our store are 100% sterilized hair which mingles perfectly with your own eyelashes.

Just choose the thickness and the length – maybe you want to slightly dramatize your eyelashes, or maybe you want that look to stand out? It all depends on you and your preferences. The black, long, thick lashes are easy and safe to ensemble, soft and natural looking and they come in affordable prices, because no one wants to over pay for cosmetics. And the best part is they are reusable! But remember to get rid of the glue after you take them off, and place in the package, and use it again, whenever you need it!

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£4.19 £6.00 You save: 30% ( £1.81 )
£3.59 £6.00 You save: 40% ( £2.41 )
£3.99 £4.99 You save: 20% ( £1.00 )
£3.59 £6.00 You save: 40% ( £2.41 )
£3.89 £7.20 You save: 45% ( £3.31 )

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