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Perfect nails are a dream of every woman on the planet. There are different ways to get them. However, one of the most critical factors is to get a perfect nail shape. It is not easy to get if you are not a professional manicurist. Nevertheless, some special tools will help you achieve any nails shape you want. Nail forms are everything you need in this kind of situation. There are many types of nail forms available in our shop, which is why we will tell you why nail forms are so helpful and which one to choose.

Why are nail formers so important?

Nail forms are essential, no matter if you are a professional or an amateur. They make sculpting acrylic or gel nails easy and enjoyable. It is a great alternative to nail tips since nail forms are not only more durable, formable but can also be put under your natural nail to create an extension. Using nail shapers allow you to fix lousy nail shape and extend chronically short nails (perfect for someone who gnaws their nails!).

Professional manicures with nail extensions can be problematic for women who have never used nail forms. However, with regular exercise, practice makes a master! You do not have to worry about the fact that, at first, you do not cope with the templates for nail extensions because, over time, you will gain skills and instantly create the manicure that you want. The form of templates for nail extensions is universal because it can be matched to any nail. When you want to work on these templates, you need to remember a few essential details that will help you perform the chosen manicure properly.

How to use nail forms?

Although at first, it looks complicated, you will learn to do it in no time, and you will not want to go back to regular nails. The forms are professional yet affordable, fun to use, and safe, easy to take them off. Discover forms from such brands as Silcare, Semilac, Victoria Vynn and more. Shop our products to become a true pro in manicure!

First, apply a base coat to the nail plate, and then harden it in the lamp. Then reach for the template for nail extensions – in our store, you will find several types of them to choose a specific type of styling. Next, carefully peel the nail form away from the original film – the circle that forms the centre of the template should remain on it, but you can stick it on the inside of the mould below the resulting hole to stiffen the template. Precisely insert the nail extension template under the free edge, and if necessary, you can cut it to fit the nail's natural shape. Once the whole thing is glued together, you can apply a special gel to build the mould and then put everything under the UV lamp. After that, gently remove the nail extension template, and you are almost there. Your gel nails need a few steps more to be perfect. Repeat applying successive layers of products and curing; after curing the last layer, carefully file and shape and length of the built plate. Last but not least, apply your chosen colour nail styling according to your favourite procedure. And you’re ready to rock the world!

Nail ideas for long nails

Apart from fashion connected with clothes and accessories, there is a nail fashion that we can follow. Nail ideas differ whether it is summer or winter; there are some holidays or special occasions. However, if you want to be trendy, don’t forget about fashionable nails. You can easily search them online and then apply them to your nails. If you’re not a person who is willing to go to a professional nails salon, there is a perfect way to get the most desired nails at home. You will need nail forms, nail gel and a UV lamp. Watch some nail tutorials online and start your beautiful and never-ending nail journey right away.