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Currently, there is a growing awareness of the ecology and treatment of animals in the world. Many people change their model of looking at their neighborhood and make more conscious purchasing and food choices. The vegan ideology is spreading from food products to other industries. Today we will check whether it is possible to completely abandon the use of animals in the production of cosmetics.Continue Reading
Glycolic acid is one of the most commonly used exfoliating acids in cosmetic products from the AHA group. It is the most famous and most effective, therefore in cosmetology or dermatology it has found the widest application. Its construction is very simple, so it easily and quickly penetrates into the deepest areas of the skin, which makes it an effective exfoliator-that is, an exfoliating component.Continue Reading
Hair is this part of every person's general appearance that we should take care about in a very special way. The first reason is that if we can’t pay enough attention to it we can easily lose all of the results we gained. The second reason is that our hair shows the state of our body. If you are well hydrated and there are all the vitamins inside your bloodstream, then your hair looks amazing. However if there are some lacks you can be sure your hair won’t shine, it will start breaking and falling. What’s more we should take care of our hair with some external treatments to help them grow faster and look amazing every single day. One of the best and recommended by many people around the world is laminating your hair. It doesn’t only bring a quick effect, but also gives a lot of nutritious benefits for our hair. If you are not aware of the topic, continue reading and find out why it is worth laminating your hair and why you should start doing it right away.Continue Reading
Both women and men tend to take care of their skin more and more these days. They look for new cosmetics or go to professional salons. However it all takes a lot of effort and money. And there is another, easier way to take care of your skin, especially on your face. You should use enzyme peeling to improve your skin’s appearance. If you don’t know what an enzyme peeling is or how to use it to make you skin look better – read this article and find out. Remember that enzyme peeling is not a traditional peeling that you have probably tried at least once in your life. The most popular peelings are mechanical peels (coarse and fine-grained), as well as acid peels. Exfoliating crumbs and acids, unfortunately, will not work on every skin. Then the best option are enzyme peels, which provide gentle exfoliation without the risk of irritation.Continue Reading
Almost every woman in the world puts mascara on her lushes every single day. It is most often kind of a daily ritual. Sometimes even happens that women cannot imagine leaving the house without mascara on their lashes. This is an indispensable part of makeup, both evening and everyday. Most often we reach for mascara in black. It is the most popular one and it makes us feel better and safe. We are used to watching black mascara everywhere around us. In TV commercials, on billboards and on the internet. That is why many women do not take into account a different color. However, sometimes it would be worth it to change something.Continue Reading
Everyone loses hair. And it is a completely normal situation. You need to remember that hair loss is a normal stage in the development of the hair. The life of the hair is from 2 to 6 years, it grows about 1 cm every month and eventually falls out. Physiologically, we lose 100-200 hairs a day. Only when we notice that this number is increasing, and there are too many hairs left on the brush, we must act! In this kind of situation there is a reason to start doing something more than usual. And below you will find a whole list of treatments that will help your hair to grow and regenerate fast. If you have a problem with hair loss, read this article and find out what cosmetics to use and what steps to take to stop this damaging process.Continue Reading
Face roller is used for massage. It may sound corny, but this procedure can bring a lot of benefits for beauty. The method itself was already known by the elite in the days of ancient China. The facial massager was then considered a luxury product and not everyone could afford it. Today you can choose from several types of rollers, among which the most popular are the jade and quartz rollers. What are the differences between the two of them? How to properly massage your face? How often do you do it? Below you will find the answers to all your questions!Continue Reading
Hair in summer is quite difficult to cope with. Your hair can be damaged by different and various factors. Sun, high temperatures, salt water on vacation are definitely not your hair’s friends. However there are some tips on how to take care of them to minimize all of the damages that your hair needs to deal with. Below you will find information about shampoos to use during the summer and we will tell you if hair conditioner and mask is needed. Read the article to find out whether you take care of your hair properly or not. If not, try to improve your hair routine as fast as possible.Continue Reading
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