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Hair Masks

Caring for your hair is one of the most important beauty routines! It includes using a suitable shampoo fitting your exact hair type, combing your hair delicately, protecting it from the sun, moisturising it with conditioner, but also deep nourishing treatments from time to time. The best way possible is to use appropriate hair masks which will give your hair the care it needs. Restore the strength, shine and show-stopping condition of your hair!

Discover our wide range of hair masks with precious ingredients like collagen, proteins, keratin, argan oil, caviar extract, avocado, coconut oil and more. In Roxie Cosmetics we know that it is important to also nurture your hair, so go ahead and find your favourite purifying, moisturising, colour-caring, repairing, or volume-adding masks that help you achieve your goals - regenerate, thicken and nourish your hair. It is all about beauty here!

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from £3.29 £3.99 You save: 17%( £0.70 )
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