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Green Nails

Green color is the one that calms down and help us to relax. It is connected with nature, trees and other plants that are good to surround with. If you’re a greenery lover, green nails will be perfect for you! Green nails are original, if not a little bit controversial. However, the shade of the green color you choose for your manicure can change the whole situation.

There are different types of green colors available – neon, pastel, traditional, intense and light. Green nails can be extremely close to black in color, yet still have a green gleam. Green hybrid manicure can also be light, barely visible or juicy as lime or cucumber. It only depends on you, your mood, taste and expectations which one will you choose. Remember that the hybrid nail polishes are so tough that you can have a perfect summer manicure for at least few weeks. However, you’ll probably change it sooner to test a new green color on your nails.

£6.49 £7.99 You save: 18%( £1.50 )
£5.59 £7.99 You save: 30%( £2.40 )
£6.59 £7.99 You save: 17%( £1.40 )
£4.19 £4.49 You save: 6%( £0.30 )
£3.59 £4.80 You save: 25%( £1.21 )
£2.89 £4.80 You save: 39%( £1.91 )
£6.49 £7.99 You save: 18%( £1.50 )
£6.49 £7.99 You save: 18%( £1.50 )

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