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Acrylic Gels

If you want to purchase durable acrylic gels in beautiful colours, you’re in the right place. Even better, if you don’t want to spend fortune and still achieve great results, because in Roxie Cosmetics we understand the love of acrylic gel for nails and we offer our customers only best brand at affordable prices. The products from this section are high quality, easy to use and safe. With proper acrylic gels you’ll make astonishing nail shapes, refill your previous manicure or correct it.

If you haven’t done it before try and see for yourself how easy it is to model you nail with acrylic gel to achieve your dreamed shape and length of your nail plate (it is a perfect option for those of you who can’t stop biting your nails – you won’t let that ruin your amazing acrylic manicure!).

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