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Face Primers & Fixing

Primers are the best way to let your make up last for hours, even during hot days, sweaty workouts or all night long parties. They sooth your skin and make it smoother, therefore create even surface for applying your favourite foundation and concealer. A proper primer is also one the best things for women with dry skin since it moisturises and protects it, or for the ones with oily skin – oil absorbent formula face primers are the solution for this unwanted, unhealthy look. 

So if you’re looking for a base to your make up, you’re at the right place! In Roxie Cosmetics we present you our choices from the market – choose from mattifying, anti-redness, illuminating, smoothing, pore-closing or moisturizing primers. Need fixing cosmetics? You will find it here too. Search through our store to find best mattifying blotting papers that will help you get rid of oily look during a day or a fixing mist to freshen up your skin. 

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