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Are you tired of having irritated skin, pimples and rash after shaving your legs? Opt for a safer and more delicate way to get rid of hair, namely hair removal creams! It is an excellent option for sensitive skin since it gently removes hair, protects your skin and moisturises it. The creams we offer at Roxie Cosmetics are enriched with caring ingredients like silk proteins, rose oil or D-panthenol. Thanks to all these ingredients, your skin will be nourished, and hair will be removed quickly and painlessly, including private parts of your body.

And the effect lasts longer than you’d think! Best part? It is harmless and affordable – perfect for summer depilation of your legs and bikini area! Just apply the cream, wait as long as recommended on the instruction, remove the cream with a spatula, and then wash the skin thoroughly. Easy as can be! Your skin will be silky smooth without the risk of ingrown hair.