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Combing, drying or straightening or curling your hair is definitely not enough to make your hairstyle long lasting and eye-catching. Let’s make it clear – you didn’t spend hours to give your hair the shape you wanted just to get it damaged by wind, humid air or mild rain (yes, there’s no trick for heavy rain, even if advertisements say otherwise). Get yourself some hair styling cosmetics! Start with hair spray that will help you comb your hair easily and without pulling.

Then apply thermo-protective spray or heat protection serum to shield your hair from detrimental influence of your curler, hair dryer or straightener. Once you finish styling them, take a plumping powder, or beach waves or volume hair spray. Need more care? Check out silk, aloe vera, macadamia or coconut oil sprays for regeneration, nourishment and glossy effect. All safe and reasonably priced!

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