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Caring for your face skin is one of the most critical steps of your daily routine when it comes to beauty rituals. As for facial cleansers, the case is quite simple, since most women do not neglect that and remember about this every morning and evening, but also before doing their makeup or while removing it, but when it comes to toners, many women forget about it or used it only during puberty. 

That’s a mistake! Toner is great, especially for oily and troublesome skin. Use it after washing your face with chosen cleanser and before moisturising it and doing your make-up – it’ll tone up your skin, degrease it, close the pores and make your skin more matte. There are also toners for dry and sensitive skin. In Roxie, you’ll find a wide variety of facial cleansers and toners that will clean and care for your skin. Please browse our store to buy the one that suits your needs! Discover especially Apis Cosmetics, Bielenda and Basiclab.

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