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Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was founded in 1997 in Krakow. Its rich offer includes over 450 cosmetic preparations, which due to their high efficiency and safety are very popular among customers. It should be added that Farmona also runs a luxury Business & SPA hotel. Farmona places great emphasis on research and development.

All creams, shampoos, shower gels and other products of this brand are made on the basis of the latest achievements in the field of dermatology, pharmacy and other sciences. Farmona cosmetics use the wonderful properties of plants. Contain extracts of chestnut, marigold, green tea, vanilla, olive leaves and other plants. The selection of ingredients is subject to very strict criteria - Farmona was the first Polish company of this kind to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Over the years, Farmona products have become synonymous with efficiency, innovation and uncompromising quality. Their uniqueness is also evidenced by the fact that they can boast of many prestigious awards (for example, the European Medal or the Golden Crocus Award). The Farmona brand will certainly interest everyone who dreams of beauty and health, is demanding and is not content with just anything.

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