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If you think of blue colour, what comes to your mind? Sky, sea and a peaceful place? Why not feel the same whilst looking at your manicure? Especially when you do it regularly, every day, every hour – why not relax and stay classy all the time? In this case, blue nails can be a perfect choice! There are plenty of shades to choose from, so you won’t get bored with them.

Your summer manicure can suit your destination. If you go to a tropical island, your blue nails can be turquoise, dark blue or baby blue – it only depends on your taste and imagination. You can also match it with your pedicure or make two different shades on your hand and feet. There are so many options that there is some time needed to test all of the blue tones. However, if you like the colour, don’t hesitate and finally decide to have blue nails – these kinds of small dreams are easy to come true. Just choose gel polishes the best for you and do your summer manicure.