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Neon Nails

Are you fed up with a traditional, classy, nude manicure? Do you want something more interesting and extravagant? If you like juicy colors that are different than others and look incredibly unique on your nails – neon hybrid gels are made for you! Neon nails are a perfect choice for summer manicure, however if you like them a lot – don’t hesitate and do your winter manicure or spring one as well with neon nail polishes.

There are plenty of colors available – yellow, green, pink, red, orange – the only limit here is your imagination. And if you choose hybrid nails you can stay happy with your nails for a few weeks. Probably, you won’t even want to change it, unless you another color steals your heart. One thing is sure – with neon nails you’ll stay both classy and extravagant and everyone will complement your summer manicure even in winter.

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£4.99 £6.59 You save: 24%( £1.60 )

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