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Nails are an excellent mark of every woman. And nowadays, a perfect manicure is extremely easy to get. You don’t have to visit a beauty salon every month because you can do manicures and pedicures at home. There are plenty of different products to take care of your nails and create miniature masterpieces on them. Classic, hybrid, gel, acrylic and titanium manicures – as you can see, there is much to choose from.

A few things matter in having a perfect manicure – the type of manicure you decide on, the durability of the given product, and the shape of your nails. However, there is something as important as all the mentioned characteristics – colour! Pastel nails are highly fashionable this season, and every woman wants a pastel manicure. Lila, mint, baby blue, nude, light pink – all of them are the most popular colours of pastel nails you should consider when buying nail polishes for you or your clients. Remember that pastel nails are especially desirable during summer – so choose nail polish in your favourite colour and enjoy a new, perfect, trendy summer manicure.