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Eye Primers

You’ve probably already heard about makeup primers and cosmetic bases for your skin (and most likely already have been using it on a daily basis), but have you tried eye shadows primers? If not, it is high time you did! A base allows you to apply shadows and eyeliners evenly, flawlessly and, what’s also important, enhances the intensity of used makeup cosmetic and lets it last for all day or night long.

It also nourishes the skin of the eyelid thanks to its moisturising formula and creates anti-aging shield that protects a delicate skin of the eyelid from damaging impact of colour cosmetics which tend to be too harsh on this sensitive area. It also degreases the eyelid and allows you to flawlessly apply the eye shadow or eyeliner (or both) without a blurry effect. Take care of your skin and ensure your makeup is safe for your skin, durable and intense.

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