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A great passion for original and natural products created relatively new cosmetic brand coming from Poland. Its name is Yope and not very many consumers in the UK have heard about it yet, however, it may change soon due to the fact, that more on more people are looking for natural, simple and free of dyes, detergents and preservatives cosmetics used for daily hygiene. Moreover, the packages and containers can be used again or recycled, so the products are for those, who care about the environment. Yope cosmetics are made with dermatologically examined herbal extracts, delicate cleansing substances and natural fragrances. They can be used by every member of a family without a fear of irritation or allergy. The variety is quite wide. There are different kinds of natural liquid soap, creams, gels, balms, shampoos and even hair conditioners. If you are into health and environment, buy some of Yope products at Roxie Cosmetics.

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