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Lip Tints

Lip tints are one of our favourite solutions for colourless, shapeless lips. These permanent cosmetic tints ensure 24-hours effect that will stun you and others. No one likes to check if lipstick is still there or has faded away due to drinking or eating, and lip tints are the remedy here – after drying, the colour stays and is vibrant all day long. You won’t need to fix it or repeat the application – one time before going out is good enough.

It is a phenomenal solution for those of you who are always in rush and want to look and feel dazzling everyday without remembering to check one’s makeup. The products we’ve chosen are professional and cheap at the same time. Great effects at great prices! Choose your favourite colour and enjoy easy and smooth application, as well as long lasting beautiful look, moisturised lips and deep saturation of colour.

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