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What can be better than milky pink nails? Only purple nails! Purple colour is a demanding one. However, it can be an original manicure—the best occasion to wear it on every occasion. So only if you like this colour – prepare to choose a few shades and do purple nails. Gel hybrid nails are just created for purple nails cause the colour is deep and smooth.

You can choose out of different shades of purple – rose, lavender, fuchsia, berry, truffle, mulberry or plum and others if you want to buy only one of them – that will be a challenging task. That is why don’t limit yourself and choose more than one to create masterpieces on your nails. Purple nails don’t have to be made with only one shade. You can also add patterns and other shades. This way, you won’t get bored with a purple manicure. Buy purple nail polishes and start creating. Do experiments and have fun!