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Taking care of your nails should be nothing special. It should be treated like any other everyday duty. What’s more, it should be seen as something pleasant and relaxing if you don’t feel that, probably you should start doing your manicure yourself. If you have never tried it – below, you will find all of the necessary information to create your nail journey.

What tools do you need to do a perfect manicure and pedicure?

There are just a few products that will enable you to get your nails done perfectly.

The first one is a nail clipper because the length of the nails is a critical issue. Short, often bitten nails do not look good. Too long, interfering with daily activities also does not present itself well. Therefore, it is worth investing in a device that will allow you to shorten the length of your nails if necessary quickly. Almost any clipper can be attached to a handbag, cosmetic bag slider, etc., in the form of a keychain. The second essential thing is cuticle clippers. You probably know that both the nail plate and the area around it should be cared for. However, we tend to forget about it. Crusts often arise from over-drying of the skin or vitamin deficiency. That is why we should get rid of cuticles before doing manicures or pedicures.

Nail files – another tool that we can’t create a perfect manicure without. It is the most popular accessory for manicure and pedicure. The tip, square or almond are some of the nail plate shapes obtained with nail files. These accessories are effortless in construction and differ mainly in grain size and material used for their manufacture. Before you start applying any nail polish on you, you need to take care of your nails in a proper way. And filing is one of the essential steps.

Pedicure – is there something different to do than in manicure?

In general, the whole process looks very similar. You can use the same cosmetics and products. However, there is one difference. When you do your pedicure, especially at home, you will need to separate your toes from each other. This way, you will be able to do a pedicure perfectly and not destroy it by accident. Separators are used in pedicures to prevent the spread of varnish in undesirable places. Even after painting the nails at the feet a moment later, by accident, we can destroy the effect of our work, wiping the varnish with the remaining fingers-the use of separators also prevents such situations. These types of products usually come in the classic form of mini-inserts for insertion between each finger. However, now the hit is an innovative design of special shoes that imitate flip-flops with rubber elements to split nails during painting.

What colour of nail polish to choose?

Have you noticed that most women have nude or light colours on their nails? Of course, that is perfectly fine if you like classy manicures, French manicures or something not very visible. However, think of black nails. Are they too extravagant for you? Probably no, but you’ve never thought of having a black gel manicure. It’s time to change it!

Black nails, as well as white or nude one, are classy and elegant. Hybrid nails look perfect due to the glossy sheen and the smooth surface. That is why even the black colour will look amazing on your nails. What’s more, you can use black nail polish in another way. Apart from one-colour nails, you can have any pattern or paint on your nails. And the black colour is a perfect one to achieve the effect you dream of.

And you can apply black nail polish both on your hands and feet. However, it is unnecessary to have the same colour on your manicure and pedicure, and it looks pretty nice when all of your nails match together. You can also decide to create some patterns or add some unique ornaments to your fresh manicure or pedicure. That will make you stand out of the crowd, and it’s worth taking some effort.