Hair Care for Dry Hair

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It is probably dry if your hair is difficult to detangle and lacks shine and elasticity. What are the causes of hair dryness? How to properly care for dry and brittle hair and what natural ingredients should be used to regain a healthy appearance of your hair.

Care for dry and brittle hair.

The hair consists of a root (a hair bulb) and a stem shaft. The stem, i.e. the part of the hair that protrudes above the scalp, consists of a sheath (outer layer), cortex (inner layer) and a core located in the very centre of the stem. The hair cuticle is made of keratinized keratin, which takes the form of overlapping tile-like scales. The scales form several layers; the spaces between them are filled with cellular cement. Cement contains ceramides, fatty acids and carbohydrates. Its main task is to prevent the evaporation of water from the inside of the hair. For hair to look healthy, it must contain at least 10% water.

What is dry hair characterized by?

Dry hair has lost the right amount of water due to lacking the lipid layer (cement). Dry hair is rough to the touch, prone to breaking and crumbling, with clearly split ends. They are matte, devoid of shine because the hair cuticles deviate instead of being tightly adjacent to each other, causing light scattering. A characteristic feature of dry hair is excessive water absorption from the environment, thus a tendency to "frizz" and change the hairstyle's shape.

How to prevent excessive dryness of hair?

To prevent excessive hair drying, you should first systematically (preferably after each washing) apply conditioners or masks. Significantly damaged hair requires acts containing high concentrations of conditioning ingredients. As the condition of your hair improves, you can replace the masks with conditioners of a lighter consistency.

How to care for dry hair?

The process of caring for dry hair begins with washing it. Wash your hair in lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly any shampoo residues, and gently squeeze any excess water into a towel to avoid rubbing your hair. A shampoo for dry and brittle hair should contain moisturizing ingredients and create a protective, smoothing layer on the hair fibre. Dry your hair with cool or slightly warm air; choose a gentle flow. The more damaged a hair is, the more water it will lose during drying.