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Makeup Accessories

Looking for an eyelash curler or a blending brush but don’t what to spend a fortune on them? Check out our new arrivals! In Roxie Cosmetics you will find accessories you need to create your best look. Try our natural goat’s bristle brush and easy to use eyelash curler to create your dreamed smoky eyes effect. Just use your favourite eye shadows and blend them with our short cut brush to make the look smoother.

Have straight eyelashes or simply want to dramatize the curl? Top Choice Eyelash Curler waits here for you! No more boring, straight lashes! Our selection of accessories for makeup table will help your bring out the best qualities of your eyes, make your gaze more seductive and confident. All the products are small and handy, ready to take on the go. Keep your favourite tools and accessories close wherever you are. Now, go and do your favourite makeup!

£3.59 £4.19 You save: 14%( £0.60 )
£3.19 £3.99 You save: 20%( £0.80 )
£10.69 £15.60 You save: 31%( £4.91 )
£5.19 £7.20 You save: 27%( £2.01 )
£3.19 £3.60 You save: 11%( £0.41 )
£7.19 £10.80 You save: 33%( £3.61 )
£4.39 £6.00 You save: 26%( £1.61 )

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