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No hybrid gel manicure or pedicure is ready without a proper base and top. These products ensure that your manicure is perfect! A base guarantees that nails are protected, and their surface is smooth, thus ready to apply the hybrid gel polish of chosen colour. A topcoat, however, takes care of varnish so it won’t fade away or get chipped off. Together they strengthen the nail and prevent it from breaking.

In Roxie Cosmetics, you’ll find an extensive collection of our favourite bases and tops that will help you make your nail routine more efficient and carefree. Browse our store to find the best and cheap products simultaneously – from degreasing primers, through regular bases or those with vitamins to tops which will give you various effects – high gloss, matte or with sun-blocking properties, as well as multitasking tops for UV or LED lamps. It's all within your reach!