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Makeup Removers

We all love make-up! It gives us confidence and brings out the best features of a face. But unfortunately frequent use of makeup cosmetics may leave some remains of used powder, foundation, eye shadows or mascara, even after washing your face thoroughly with water and soap. Proper makeup removers will make cleansing your face easier and more efficient!

What is also important, remover milks, creams, micellar waters, oils, gels, foams (yes, there’s a wide range of these cosmetics for you to choose!) get rid of your makeup gently and at the same time care for even the most sensitive skin. These makeup removers clean your face deeply, but without irritating your complexion. Be kind to your skin and care for it with use of dermatologically tested cosmetics, it’ll be thankful for doing so in a while. Search our shop to buy what suits you best.

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