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We all know that washing hands is essential – after all, this is where all the bacteria like to wander around. But hand care is not only about using suitable soap every time you come back home or before you eat. It is also about proper moisturising to prevent your skin from cracking and drying. At Roxie Cosmetics, we know what you need for hand care and wash, so you’ll find here everything necessary to have healthy and moisturised skin

Search our wide selection of liquid soaps and soaps in bars, gel sanitisers (best thing ever! No more dirty hands on a trip) and hand creams and lotions (apt also for your whole body). Discover our extensive range of creams for hand and nail care that will regenerate your skin and nourish your nails. Best deals at competitive prices with beautiful scents and caring ingredients are waiting here for you! 

After a long day at work, your feet need only a little care and rest. Treat yourself and your feet with a caring routine with our selection of feet care cosmetics perfect for dry and tired skin. Cracking heels and swollen ankles will go into oblivion in no time with good products selected for you in our online shop: scroll this section to find moisturising and exfoliating creams and socks, and nourishing oils, as well as antiperspirant socks: no more unwanted sweat, dry and damaged heels. Discover caring ingredients that will help you achieve that goal – urea, active carbon, sage, D-panthenol, shea or coconut oil. All of them are ready to make your feet relaxed, soft, moisturised, and well-cared-for. In Roxie Cosmetics, you’ll find your from-now-on beloved cosmetics at affordable prices. Please browse our store to find the best deals.

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