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What’s one of the best ways of blending your foundation? Of course, sponges! These cute polyamide sponges are perfect for achieving flawless application and creating a smooth look. No one wants to detect that their foundation has left any blurs – sponges help you avoid mask-like effect and distributes foundation evenly all over your face, even in places that are a bit harder to reach, like, for example, around nostrils.

They are safe, absorbent and hygienic – remember to clean them regularly, though, to let them do all the good things for your skin for longer! In Roxie Cosmetics, you will find a couple of kinds of sponges – from pear-shaped to triangle ones in a sponge set – choose the one that fits you most! The sponges we offer are safe, reusable and convenient. Make your day more colourful! It is your daily routine, after all!