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Doing facial at beauticians’ is an extra treat that not everyone can afford. Most of us go there from time to time (if ever), and with products from Roxie Cosmetics, you can make your beauty treatment for your face whenever you want it and need it. Shop our store to find the best face masks and patches for you. We offer you a wide variety of face masks that will help you unclog and close pores, reduce sebum production, clean your skin, lighten blemishes, get rid of blackheads, moisturise it, nourish and rejuvenate them.

Try the collection of hydro or matte boosters. Check our favourite jelly masks from Bielenda with pineapple, watermelon or kiwi, which will boost your skin and fuel it with energy. Facial care doesn’t have to be boring! Roxie Cosmetics offer only the best and cheap beauty products that will satisfy your skin and won’t empty your bank account such as Apis Cosmetics, Nacomi or Body Boom.