Cat-Eye Nails - Gel Nail Polish

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Hybrid nails and gel nails have a massive range of possibilities in the way they are used. You can decide to have a classy manicure – one colour or French manicure, often with a nude or light pink base. However, there are more options than you can be even not aware of. Have you ever heard of cat-eye nails? These are amazing and unique!

The base of the cat-eye nails is most often dark – black, brown or dark blue. There is a reason for such a solution. Only then, with dark nail polish as a base, you can get the desired effect of cat eye nails. Before making this gel manicure, you have to decide what colour you want to have the cat-eye effect. Then pure magic will happen. A glittery streak will appear on your cat eye nails and will stay there with you for a few weeks – up till you’ll decide to change your hybrid manicure. Cat-eye nails are suitable both for everyday and for special occasions. It’s up to you when you want to have it. The sooner, the better!