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Are you looking for cosmetics for brows? Here is the right place! Although many of us neglect this part of our faces (lucky you if you don’t need to enhance them!), it is often a good idea to give your brows a little boost and make them stand out a bit to complete the whole makeup.

In Roxie Cosmetics, you get eyebrow shades, henna creams, pomades and readymade styling kits that will match any brows colour – from fair and blond to dark brown. We offer you also pencils with sharpeners and brushes, as well as highlighters if you prefer a more authentic look. There is also a new treat for those of you who want to achieve a more permanent effect – you will also find in our store an eyebrow darkening kit that will darken your brows in just two weeks! These products are safe and easy to use but also cheap and professional. Get yourself a brow treatment at a great price.