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Men more and more boldly talk about their care needs and are not ashamed to satisfy them. In the past, only a few admitted to stealing face creams from their partners. Today, they not only openly talk about skin problems but also want to have their cosmetics. 

Not just shaving. We also noticed the men's growing interest in men's face cosmetics and checked what they needed. Men's skin has up to 25% thicker skin than women's skin. In addition, it also has a different level of hydration and lubrication, is more elastic and resistant to external factors. Therefore, the plant ingredients in your face cosmetics have other properties than those contained in cosmetics for ladies. However, this does not mean that since men's skin is thicker, men have no problems with it and do not have to think about daily care. Your face also needs cleansing, hydration, and regeneration, which is why you will find a complete set of facial cosmetics for men in our online store. 

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