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Makeup Sets & Kits

Most women wear makeup every day, thanks to which they feel more feminine and more confident. Some of us choose makeup only for important occasions to emphasize the importance of the event. However, regardless of whether we apply makeup every day or once in a while, we need a permanent set of cosmetics for it.

To meet the expectations of consumers, more and more companies decide to compose ready-made make-up kits. Such a solution is great for us! Thanks to this, when buying one product, we have a cat set of perfectly matched eye shadows, thanks to which we can conjure up the perfect eye makeup every day. In such sets, we also get a color-matched eyeliner and lipstick - no more searching for the right shades for many hours! Ready-made sets are also perfect makeup gifts! Especially for younger girls who are just starting their adventure with makeup. So if you are looking for a gift or you want to buy a gift yourself - you are in the perfect place!

£7.89 £8.90 You save: 11% ( £1.01 )
£7.89 £8.90 You save: 11% ( £1.01 )
£40.99 £45.99 You save: 10% ( £5.00 )
£22.99 £34.10 You save: 32% ( £11.11 )

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