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Nails take a particular part in your appearance— every day and evening. Even if you don’t think it’s true, Nails can make you win or lose important private and business meetings. People tend to judge other people by their appearance. They look primarily at clothes, hair and nails. If your nails are taken care of, your whole appearance is presumed better. Then you look more professional if you want a new job or more elegant if you go on a date. That is why nail designs are so important in your everyday life.

There are different ways of taking care of your nails. On the one hand, you can go to a nail salon near you and let a professional nail stylist do your manicure. However, there is a more convenient and fun way to do it. You can stay home and order a nail set kit. There are a lot of nail set ideas that you can choose from. There are starter nail set kits that will allow you to start your nail journey quickly. However, if you are more professional and have already done your nails independently for a while, you can order more advanced nail sets from our shop. These are full of nail set tools, and different nail polishes colours. Thanks to that, you can create little masterpieces on your nails.

Gel Nail Starter kit – What Does it Consist of?

If you have thought of doing your manicure at home – now it’s the right moment. Different nail set kits are available in our shop, which is why everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Most importantly, you will find all the essential tools in each nail set kit. There are nail polishes you need, nail files and a UV lamp. Using only these things, you can start making your first manicure. Before you start, watch some online tutorials to ensure you follow every step correctly. However, don’t get frightened. It’s not rocket science, and you will handle it easily.

Nail Designs and Nail Ideas – Where to Look for Them?

Now that you have already ordered your perfect nail set kit, it’s time to think about nail designs and ideas that will suit you. First of all, you need to take your job and the place where you work into consideration. Your nails depend on the type of work you do. If you work in a business environment, you should probably avoid fluorescent and bright colours. However, too dark nail designs can also be unacceptable. The best option for you will be a French manicure or baby boomer. These options are safe and elegant and will suit every outfit you wear.

However, if your working environment is not so bright, you can choose more extravagant nail designs. You can add some colours and patterns to give your nails a nice twist. You can find everything you want in nail set kits available on our website. Not only essential nail tools but also more special nail equipment. The only boundary here can be only your imagination. Don’t let her stop you. And, of course, you can think that much easier it would be to search “nail salon near me” and make an appointment. Yet, you will not get all of the satisfaction driven by your small success. It is worth trying, so don’t wait any longer. Choose your favourite nail kit set and start your nail journey.

Nail Set Tit – The Best Option for a Present

Are you looking for a present for your friend or a loved one? Or maybe you want to spoil yourself? Or perhaps you want to try manicures, don’t know where to start, or can’t choose the right products and accessories? Either way, we got you covered! Discover our extensive gift packs, gel starter kits and gel nail sets! At Roxie Cosmetics, we know how difficult it is to choose just one colour of nail polish; therefore, we present you with a wide range of gel nail sets.

Need a gel starter kit? Choose one of the kits with a lamp, base and top coats, polishes and files. Need a gift idea? Maybe a set of accessories for an experienced hybrid fan or a multi-colour polish set? The options are countless! The products come from renowned brands like Victoria Vynn, Semilac Starter Kit, Silcare, and more.