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Eveline is a Polish cosmetics producer and exporter known on many global markets. The brand offers both body, face and hair care products as well as face and eye make-up cosmetics. Eveline takes care of the various needs and requirements of its clients by offering a wide range of product lines and series.

The bestseller of the brand is certainly the multifunctional nail conditioner 8in1, which has a highly concentrated formula that solves many problems of the nail plate. Eveline offers numerous cosmetics for tanning, firming and moisturizing the body as well as hand and foot care. The brand is known for a series of make-up products that come in many shades such as covering foundation with a long-lasting effect, cream blusher sticks, face contouring palettes, bronzing powders in pearls, professional concealer kits, makeup bases, loose powders, mascaras, liquid eye shadows, eyelash serum, nail conditioners, and other Eveline cosmetics! Regardless of whether you want to do day or evening makeup, and maybe strengthen your nails. Get Eveline cosmetics!