Hair Care for Damaged Hair

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Look impartially at how you treat your hair. This paragraph will collect some bad practices you need to eliminate or change your approach. The more seriously you take it, the more effective your hair regeneration will be.

Do you style your hair with a warm air blow dryer, a curling iron or a straightener without heat protection?
You're doing your hair a lot of harm. Invest in a heat protection serum and ensure you use the abovementioned tools. Remember that it is safer to set a straightener or curling iron to a higher temperature and "run" through the hair once than to use a low temperature and repeat the action several times. The lack of thermal protection is a big mistake. The heat protection serum is a barrier between the heat and the hair. Never ignore him.

Do you use rubber bands with metal elements? Do you squeeze your hair tightly?
Do not do this. Metal elements pull the hair in and tear it off. Intense squeezing with a thin rubber band causes the hair to rub at this point and become even weaker. Many beautiful and wide hairbands are on the market now—the broader and softer, the better.

Will you tear your hair from under the scarf or purse strap?
I know it's hard to remember to gently pull your hair out from underneath your clothes, especially when you are in a rush. Daily rubbing of hair against clothing items significantly weakens their condition. I often tie my hair when I go somewhere, and only after I reach my destination do I dissolve it. Thanks to this, I avoid unnecessary abrasions, and thanks to the thick elastic, I do not have creases on my hair.

Avoid sleeping with wet and loose hair.
It may seem inconspicuous, but sleeping with wet hair promotes the growth of bacteria and weakens the condition of the scalp. On the other hand, sleeping with loose hair causes the scales to be broken. We often change positions, "twist" at night, and then rub our hair against the pillow. It's best to braid your hair overnight.

Damaged Hair Care: hair mask, conditioner and shampoo.

A crucial step! Use the right cosmetics. The shampoo is supposed to cleanse the scalp gently, the conditioner to provide valuable ingredients and protection, and the mask to nourish and rebuild incredibly. Alternatively, you can skip the mask, but I advise you to go for all three with badly damaged hair.

Remember that the shampoo is intended mainly for washing the scalp. This is where the hair is greasy from the skin. It is best to apply the shampoo to wet hands, rub it in, and then massage the scalp.

Use after each wash! Sometimes we hear that someone gives up using the conditioner. Don't do this. Shampoos have washing and cleansing substances. After using them, the hair is a bit harder and less bouncy. This is the first reason we use conditioner; it restores softness and elasticity and makes it easier to detangle.
Additionally, the conditioner provides the hair with the necessary nutrients.

People who need to apply a regenerating treatment on their hair should use a home SPA as often as possible. How to make a home SPA? Wash your hair with shampoo, dry gently and apply a mask. Wrap your hair at the top of your head and tuck it under a shower cap or wrap it with cling film. Put a hat or turban on everything; heat it with a dryer. Thanks to the heat, the hair will open the cuticles and be more susceptible to the absorption of ingredients. Leave the mask on for about 30 minutes. After this time, rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water to close the cuticles.