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Marylin Monroe, a world-famous actress and singer and fashion icon, used to sing: “Diamonds are forever, and they are girl’s best friend”. Who cannot agree with this statement? However, you don’t only have to wear diamonds as a piece of jewellery. It is as effective yet a much cheaper way to have them together with you. Glitter nails are the answer!

Glitter polish nails are the perfect solution for women who like to blink and have a unique and extravagant manicure. There are plenty of colours available, and with gel nail polish or a hybrid gel, you can achieve a spectacular effect on your nails. What’s more, if you’re not keen on glitter nails for everyday life, you can choose them only for special occasions. New Year’s Eve or carnival – winter nails filled with glitter are the best options! If you want to stand out of the crowd – choose glitter nails, and you’ll feel and look like million dollars – without putting in too much effort and spending too much money!