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Nail care is one of our favourite beauty routines! We put on hybrid gels, treat cuticles with caring oils, use delicate cleaners and regenerate nails with special conditioners, and spend hours choosing another colour for a new manicure. But there is one thing that is often neglected. We frequently use the cheapest nail files and do not buff the nail plate at all.

It is worth choosing a proper nail file not to harm your nails, and it is equally worth implementing buffing and sanding your nail plates with professional nail buffers to make your nails smooth and your manicure lasts longer. Thanks to using an apt nail buffer, the plates of the nails allow hybrids to stick better and prevent your manicure from chipping off. Browse this section to find the perfect nail accessories for you! In Roxie Cosmetics, you can discover emery board nail files, metal nail files and nail buffer blocks.

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