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It has been 35 years since Joanna brand was established. It designs and creates great cosmetics for hair care that are known for a good quality and attractive prices. The brand’s specialists regularly monitor consumers’ needs and reach for technologically advanced solutions while creating cosmetics formulas just to fulfil the demands of the most choosy clients.

Joanna Professional is a separate trademark which specializes in products for hair care and styling. In the rich assortment of online shop Roxie Cosmetics there are a lot of products for advanced hair care. In the UK Joanna Professional is still quite new, however, the quality, variety and affordable prices may change it very soon. There are eleven lines of products specialized in solving various problems with hair. Consumers can also find a great selection of Joanna Professional cosmetics for hair styling and colouring. The shop invites both hair and beauty salons and individuals to browse the wonderful offer.