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Tanned, glowing skin is a dream of most of us. But unfortunately, not all of us live in a place with good sunny weather, or not all of us may tan (the redheads and pale skin owners know what we mean). In Roxie Cosmetics, we’ve gathered all the cosmetics that will help you achieve beautiful tanned and radiant skin without hours of sunbathing. Discover our wide range of bronzing cosmetics like oils, creams, body butter and mists that will help you get your skin that golden shade progressively.

Natural tan and skincare are within your reach with all these self-tan cosmetics at affordable prices. Need something for your pale legs? Check out airbrush leg make-up! With the help of argan oil, coconut butter, vitamin E or amber extract, and more, your skin will be sun-kissed safely and quickly. Please browse our online shop to find the product that fits your needs best.