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Getting a fresh manicure is always something exciting. No woman in the world will tell you she doesn’t like to get her nails done. However, sometimes it isn't easy to find a professional nail salon that will fulfil your dreams. There are also some issues with setting an appointment. That is why you should have the whole manicure set at home – you will be able to use it whenever you want. That will help you relax after the entire tough day of work. It will also make you feel comfortable with the result you get.

A perfect nail set will consist of: UV lamp, nail polish in your favourite colour, base and top coat polishes and nail files. These tools are enough to create real nail art. It will not only make your manicure and pedicure look amazing. It will also bring you a lot of satisfaction.

Do you need to be perfect whilst doing your manicure?

Of course not! Everything requires practice. However, the most critical part of the whole process is that you will try to do it on your own. In the end, a new hand-made manicure and pedicure will bring you a lot of energy and power to run the world. You will no longer need to search “nail salon near me” because you will be self-sufficient. However, before you start, you need to prepare your nails. Below you will find a short instruction on filing your nails before you begin doing manicures and pedicures.

How to file your nails?

Several rules should be adhered to when filing nails if we do not want to damage them and care about their lovely appearance. If you care about the specific shape of the nails, then always file them before washing off the varnish. Nails will then be more complex and more accessible for you to control your body. Don't make your nails wet. Wet nails will be flexible, which makes it challenging to give them shape. Don't cut your nails in the air. Lean your whole hand on the countertop so that your finger is still while filing. If you care about the straight edge of the nail, then put the edge of the nail file on the countertop. It will be easier for you to give your nails the desired shape. Try to file nails only in one direction, especially with metal files, because filing nails in both directions causes them to split. If you want your manicure to look aesthetically pleasing, then try to make the three middle fingers have nails of equal length. The thumb should have a nail 1 mm longer and the little finger 1 mm shorter than the medium nails. Don't push the file too hard inside. This will result in uneven filing, as the compressed part will be filed more strongly than the part on which the file presses less. Hold the nail file perpendicular to the nail. It is crucial not to hurt yourself.

Wash your hands after you have finished filing to see if you have given your nails a good shape and if there are any loose, delicate nail flakes sticking out from under your nails.

What colour of nail polish to choose?

It depends on the occasion and your job. However, the safest nail idea is to do a beige manicure. It is easy to do and lasts incredibly long. Beige nails don’t have to be boring. Beige nails can suit your expectations and needs, which is why beige nail polishes are so popular—both among young and older women. Beige nudes come with every style, hair and skin colour, and clothes ideally. Beige nails are not just a classy manicure – they’re like a complete stop at the end of the sentence or like a cherry on top of the cake.

There are plenty of beige tones to make a perfect manicure and not to get bored with them. Every time you do your beige manicure, you can choose out of several shades. This way, your hands will always look classy, elegant and perfect, yet there will be minor changes that only the most discerning people will notice. Try all of the beige gel hybrid polishes and find the shades that will stay with you forever.