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10 Best Pink Makeup Looks To Try On

10 Best Pink Makeup Looks To Try On

The pink makeup look is making waves amongst cosmetic enthusiasts from nude to neutral shades of pink lipsticks to bold neon pink eyeshadows. Shades of pink in makeup have formerly been ostracised for being too informal, but a modern take on pink makeup looks has made them suitable for an everyday look. The possibilities are endless for the variety of makeup looks one can do with pink, from an all-day lighter rosy pink look to a shimmered gloss for a late-night drink with friends. Wearing pink makeup for younger people is effortless while for adults can be a bit tricky. One of the things that should be considered when picking out pink coloured makeup products is how it appears on certain skin complexions. People with lighter skin should opt for lighter shades of pink or nude tones that do not look too overpowering. Bolder colours of pink makeup will work well for people with dark skin like a pop of neon pink or matte textured colours whose pigments pierce right through. Getting the right shade and finish for pink makeup won’t be too much of a problem since there is a slew of products available. 

Makeup brands have made the colour pink inclusive for everyone to try. Mixing and matching different shades and finish to create that pink makeup look. Pink s such a neutral colour that anyone can dare to wear from the eyeshadows to lipsticks, eyeliners to pink blushes. The colour pink can be a versatile colour that can be both trendy and stylish at the same time. Pink makeup is considered universally appealing for most skin tones and complexion, one just has to know which shades to choose from. When applying pink makeup, a makeup piece of advice is to create a well-balanced monochromatic look that will complement the eyeshadows to the blush, hues of the lipstick, and the overall makeup look.  

1. Neon Pink Eyeshadow

Neon Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Neon pink eyeshadow gives a bold and fun statement when worn over the eyelids. One thing that should be considered when wearing neon pink eyeshadow is to not pair it with other products with the same intensity of pink. Selena Gomez rocks out a neon pink shade of eyeshadow in a hombre effect by her makeup artist Jenna Nicole. Another celebrity wearing a neon Pink eyeshadow paired with a black eyeliner is Priyanka Chopra by makeup artist Pati Dubroff. A neon pink eyeshadow must-have product is from Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow in M853 Neon Pink that has a matte finish with a crisp colour of bright neon pink. It can last for up to 12 hours of wear and can stay smooth and pigmented. It glides smoothly on the skin making the M853 Neon Pink easier to blend. One drawback of the Make Up For Ever M853 Neon Pink Eyeshadow is its lack of an eye-safe label for people with contact lenses or sensitive eyes, 

2. Soft Pink Eyeshadow

Soft Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Soft Pink Eyeshadow gives a more subtle pink glow on the eyelids that can be appropriate for everyday use. People with cool-toned skin are best suited for softer shades of Pink Eyeshadows that will complement the skin’s delicate undertones. Singer, Tinashe,  brushed on some soft pink eyeshadow on her red carpet look at the 2023 Grammys. Hollywood Star Lily James is caught wearing a mid-tone pink eyeshadow called Love from Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Norvina Eyeshadow Palette. A great recommendation for a soft pink eyeshadow collection is the Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This rose pink eyeshadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a perfect day to night shade that comes with a mirror and double-ended brush. It has a base of rose gold and a subtle soft pink hue. The Rose Pink Shade from the Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette is a versatile colour that is suitable even for people with sensitive eyes and skin. 

3. Light Pink Eye Makeup

Light Pink Eye Makeup Look

Light Pink Eye makeup is perfect as a daytime or everyday look. People with fairer complexion are much suited for this as the paler colour of pink would still be very visible when worn along the eyelids.  One can achieve a light pink eye makeup look with Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Shadow Makeup in light pink. The stick formula glides easily on the eyelids to provide a lasting even pigment on the eyelids. The Caviar Stick Eyeshadow evenly applies to the eyelids that promise a crease-free application. All shades from the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow stick collection are dermatologists tested and are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Celebrity Actress Hunter Schafer uses a lighter pink eyeshadow in one of her looks by makeup artist Sandy Ganzer. This light Pink Eye Makeup look softens the features of the eyes and tones down the overall makeup look.  

4. Hot Pink Lashes

Hot Pink Lashes Makeup Look

Hot pink Lashes are a perfect accent around the eyes when one wants to stand out and make a bold statement. Pink-coloured eyelashes can be a playful addition to the overall look. One could opt for hot pink false eyelashes that look natural when placed on the eyelash with an adhesive. Lotus offers its own Stardust false eyelashes in hot pink that transform dull lashes into pink voluminous ones. They are certified handmade and made from 100% mink fur. It sits beautifully on the lashes with the invisible band and can easily be put on with an adhesive. While it looks natural, it shows some hairs that go a little off the lashes according to some users of the product. Another recommendation is the Mini Hot Pink Eyelash Extension from Lash Stuff in varied lengths and widths. The Mini Hot Pink Extensions are manufactured using poly fibre but feel just as good as mink material.  The use of hot pink eyelashes is seen mostly in grand high fashion events just like the Viktor & Rolf runway show at Paris Fashion Week in 2012. Hot pink eyelashes stand out and are noticeable even for crowds from afar. 

5. Pink Smoky Eye Makeup

Pink Smoky Eye Makeup Look

Pink Smokey Eye makeup gives out an overall dramatic eye makeup look. The Pink smokey eye makeup can be adjusted on the intensity of shades that will match the time of the day it is intended to be worn. The softened shade of pink from the darker shade makes it perfect for any skin type and complexion. The Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect kit to create that Pink Smokey Eye makeup look. It has a variety of neutral rose-hued colours in matte and metallic pink colours. For its outer base smokey effect, one can use its darker smoky black with a rosy red tinge named Darkheart. The pink smokey eye makeup look has a perfect blend of classic and modern styles worn by celebrities like singers Lizzo and Saweetie. Actress Cara Delevingne was also seen sporting the trendy smokey pink eye makeup at the 2021 Met Gala Event that matches her striking eyes. 

6. Flirty Pink Blush

Flirty Pink Blush Makeup Look

Flirty Pink Blush has a more subtle shade of pink reminiscent of soft rosy pink. It has a more neutral tone that can be ideal for most skin types. A good recommendation for a flirty pink blush is from Maybelline’s Dream Matte Blush Collection. The flirty pink shade transforms from a creamy texture into matte when blended on the cheeks. Another fan favourite is the Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet Duo Blush Palette. It offers two shades that include matte warm carnation pink that gives a subtle natural finish to the cheeks. This palette from Jouer Cosmetics contains vitamin E that enriches the skin and acts as its natural antioxidant. Hollywood Star Sophia Bush takes on some flirty pink blush makeup by Dolce & Gabbana’s The Blush in Provocative 40 back in 2015. The shade of flirty pink adds a “sweet girl” accent to the overall makeup look while still revealing a bit of sexy. 

7. Neutral Pink Lips

Neutral Pink Lips Makeup Look

Neutral Pink lips are the shades of lipsticks that will best suit an everyday natural look. It gives out a classic shade of pink that will look good on any lip type. Pink lipsticks that have neutral shades usually have a paler and washed-out appearance that may come off as dull to some people. A quality product for neutral shades of pink lipstick is the Pretty Pink Shade by Elizabeth Arden. It comes with a moisturising formula that can leave the lips hydrated and pigmented the entire day. Another top pick for a neutral pink lipstick is the NYX Audrey Matte Lipstick that has a subtle pink hue with a much cooler undertone. It has a matte and lightweight feel on the lips that can last four hours but can leave a dry feeling. American Actress Taraji Henson is seen wearing a very neutral shade of pink lipstick on her ensemble during the Oscars Awards Night in 2017. 

8. Full-Face Pink Makeup

Full-Face Pink Makeup Look

A Full-face Pink Makeup can be a fun way of introducing the different palates of pink to show its versatility and usage. A monochromatic scheme is a way to go when dealing with bold colours like pink. When it comes to shades of pink colours, one should consider the complexion of the skin. Dark-skinned people should choose highly pigmented colours of pink that will stand out from the dark melanin. People with light skin are recommended to use medium to lighter tones of pink so as not to look too overpowering. Kaja creates some of the most versatile shades of pink eyeshadow like its Beauty Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio. Its mauvy pink tones come in a matte and shimmer pink finish.  The Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow has three shades to pick from to match every skin colour. Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio is a collection of different shades of powder that easily blends on skin that can flatter any complexion. Rare beauty by Selena Gomez is a collection of a wide range of colours including pink shades from watermelon pink, deep Fuschia, bright coral, and true berry. They are creamy in texture but lightweight on the lips. 

9. Bold Gold and Pink Makeup

Bold Gold and Pink Makeup Look

Bold shades of Gold and Pink can make a great combination when done right. Pink has the perfect glowing tinge while gold creates a great accent along with it. One can use pink as the base eyeshadow and a glitter gold blended over the pink eyeshadow creating a mesh of complementing colours. One could also use a pink eyeliner to create a winged look stroked over bold shades of golden eyeshadows. Urban Decay’s sparkling hot pink eyeliner will complete a winged eyeliner look that provides a precise and pigmented pink colour along the eyelids. They are waterproof and can last the entire day. Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow is the perfect golden eyeshadow base that also comes in pink shimmered shades. Celebrity Star Hailey Baldwin has been using the pink rose gold eyeshadow makeup look that complements her fair complexion.

10. Dramatic Pink Cat Eye

Dramatic Pink Cat Eye Makeup Look

Dramatic Pink Cat Eye tones down the bold colours of pink and gives it a more pronounced look. A pink shade formed in a cat-eye style brings the classic makeup look a modern twist. One can use a pure base of pink eyeshadow to create a pink cat-eye stroke or border them with black eyeliners. Film Actress Lana Condor perfectly wears the dramatic pink cat eye makeup that exudes so much glow on the eyes. One can use the NYX Jumbo eye pencil that can be alternately used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow. It comes in different shades including light coloured shades of pink that can be ideal for a pink cat-eye look. DNM’s dedicated cat-eye waterproof liquid eyeliner comes in a pink colour that conveniently produces a precise stroke.  They are all hypoallergenic and come with a felt tip that easily creates a dramatic Pink Cat-eye makeup look. 

Why do people wear pink makeup?

People wear pink makeup to bring out a more youthful or playful glow. It is a re-emerging colour that is getting its popularity back as a makeup trend. Pink is such a neutral shade that it can fit almost all skin tones and complexions. An intensity of pink shades would be the basis for different skin complexions, the darker the skin, the more saturated pink colour one should wear.  A simple light pink makeup blush can make all the difference for people who are always on the go. It can be challenging how to apply makeup, but with proper knowledge and practice, it can that easy. Pink can also be very versatile in that it can be applied for day use or an all-nighter makeup look. One just has to find the right shade and finish that will fit into different occasions. 

What is the best pink matte eyeshadow?

Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Eyeshadow Trio has the best pink matte eyeshadow and was awarded by Allure Magazine in 2019. They come in different sets of creamy colour palettes that perfectly complement each other. The Kaja Glowing Guava in mauvy pink tones includes matte shades of pink eyeshadows in dark and light colours. The different types of eyeshadows can be applied directly to the eyelid. They are stacked in different compact containers that can be conveniently carried inside the purse. It is created cruelty-free and is made without harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and Sulfates. 

Which pink make up is suited for deep skin tone?

Darker hues of pink suit deep skinned tone people very well. Due to darker melanin, blending makeup colours including pink can be hard to do. Pick out make up colours to match your skin tone and those that are highly pigmented requiring fewer products and layers to put on as opposed to lighter colours of pink.  Neon shades of pink can be a bold colour to wear but look visibly cool on deep skin tones. A neutral set of pink lipsticks that is a shade darker than the skin tone will bring out the pink colours even more. Swatching brighter pink coloured brushes on the skin first helps pick out a flattering shade for people with deeper skin tones.  

Does bright pink make up suit every skin tone?

No, bright pink makeup does not suit every skin tone. People with pale skin in particular are not advised to wear brighter colours of pink as this would overpower the entire makeup look. Brighter colours of pink will look harsh against pale complexions and should be avoided. They should go for much cooler tones and lighter shades of pink.