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Scented candles are not only an element of aromatherapy, but also decor. Therefore, in this category, we have collected the most beautiful, both in terms of smell and shape.

Scented candles are an ideal element of aromatherapy, thanks to the intense fragrances, you can easily and effortlessly fill the entire room with aromas that will affect our well-being - delicate lavender to help you fall asleep, relaxing scent of pine forest or the relaxing scent of vanilla, or the warming scent of spices and pepper, it's just a tiny fraction of the fragrances we offer! Modular candles from House of Glam are also a great invention. Thanks to them, you can create unusual scent compositions that will permeate with the burning time of the candle. A revolution among scented candles is also vegan aromatherapy candles, the main ingredient of which is soy wax. Make yourself comfortable in our store and choose the perfect set of scented candles for yourself to create a set of aromas in your home that will allow you to create your space.

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