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Brushes weren’t popular a few years ago. However, with time they’ve become more recognisable and desired. And it doesn’t only apply to professional makeup artists. Nowadays, more and more women and men around the world use brushes to do their everyday makeup. Below, you will find all the helpful information on choosing a perfect brush and how to use it correctly.

What kind of brush to choose?

Starting an adventure with makeup, you will need a few brushes with good quality bristles. There are two types of hairs used in the manufacture of brushes – natural and synthetic. That is why it is not so difficult to decide, however, we will give you specific information on that topic. Then it will be a piece of cake to choose brushes to do everyday makeup.

Natural bristles are characterised by softness and elasticity; they will work well when blending and rubbing bulk products because their porous structure absorbs bulk pigments and transfers them to the skin. For their creation, specially selected and selected hair of a goat, Sable, pony, or squirrel is most often used. However, please bear in mind that in some cases, people may become allergic to natural bristles! That is why it is essential to try at first and only after at least one day decide whether to choose the whole set of natural or synthetic bristles.

Compared to natural ones, synthetic bristles of makeup brushes do not have porosity, making them easy to use. You can apply creamy products like primers and correctors, and in addition, it is easy to keep them clean. Modern synthetic bristles perfectly imitate natural bristles, and therefore brushes can also be successfully used for the application of bulk cosmetics. That is why if you are allergic to natural makeup brushes, synthetic ones will save your day.

Why use brushes for everyday makeup?

No professional makeup is ready without proper brushes. However, it is not only about professional makeup. Everyday makeup routine using a brush will be much easier, faster and more effective. If you’ve never applied your favourite foundation, blush or eye shadow with a professional brush, then you should give it a try now. Using brushes for applying makeup is the most effective way, and it is more hygienic than applying cosmetics with bare fingers and allows for a softer effect.

The brush allows you to use your favourite foundation efficiently and like a real professional! Roxie Cosmetics offers you a wide variety of brushes, from flat and dense for a blush to tapered for a foundation or slim for your eye shadows. Find the best and cheap brushes and play with colours and trends, make your most gorgeous look every day or for a big night out. Whenever you use it – it is your time to shine! Please browse our online store and get yourself some real deals.

How to take care of your brush?

Just as you wash dirty dishes and stained clothes every day, so you should clean makeup brushes. I don't think you want to walk around in a stale blouse or pour soup into a dirty plate. By painting yourself with dirty brushes, you not only serve yourself an unsightly experience, but above all, you expose yourself to severe skin problems. Our skin produces sebum; there are bacteria, dust and various contaminants on it. Applying cosmetics with a dirty brush, you transfer tallow and bacteria to it. If you do not wash the brush regularly, all these impurities impose themselves again on your face. Clogged pores, irritations, allergies and eczema are ready. When applying foundation or concealer with your fingers, always at the end wash your hands to remove the remnants of cosmetics. The same must be done with makeup brushes and sponges. Cleaning hurries to make-up, let it be the same duty and routine as washing dishes after a meal or brushing your teeth.

You are cleaning your makeup brushes – what cosmetics to use?

To clean the brushes, you can use various products: micellar water, caring oil, soap, baby shampoo (or any other simple composition), antibacterial soap. Regardless of which cosmetic you choose, pay attention to remove the remnants of cosmetics gently. Do not rub the delicate bristles, do not squeeze.