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Beauty Face

BeautyFace is a Polish specialist brand of cosmetics and professional facial treatments, in which they search for ideas on how to create the best masks and ready treatments that will not only improve the appearance of the face, but bring joy and smile as well as create a magical home SPA.

Currently, BeautyFace offers the largest selection of masks and ready treatments in the world, they have over 300 types. So everyone can find something for themselves among their masks. They have two product lines: INTELLIGENT SKIN THERAPY - is a line of masks on the world's first 100% biodegradable sheet. The absorption of active ingredients in the skin is 90% higher than traditional masks on cotton sheets. MOOYA BIO ORGANIC - are two-stage masks in sheets containing active ingredients tailored to individual types, needs and age of the skin. We find here, among others, a mask with snail mucus extract, a mask with caffeine, viper venom, shark oil, caviar and many others. The set contains a heavily soaked cotton patch for the face and neck and an active cream serum.

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