Self-Tanner or bronzing balm - what to choose?

Self-Tanner or bronzing balm - what to choose?

In summer, many women dream of beautiful, brown and thus healthy-looking skin. However, exposure to sunlight and spending long hours in the sun is not a good solution. UV radiation is dangerous for our skin, so it is worth choosing a more optimal solution. Bronzing balms and self-tanning lotions are here to help you. Which product to choose to get the best effect? What effect do they give and how long does the tan last on the skin? Read the article and find out what to choose: bronzing balm or self-tanner.

Bronzing balms - what are they about?

Bronzing balms are a quick tan solution. They are widely available, because you can buy bronzing balm both stationary and in online drugstores. In addition, they are very easy to use. It is enough to just wash and dry the skin, and then apply a bronzing balm in the same way as any other balm. They do not leave streaks and make the skin not only tanned, but also moisturized. You can choose a bronzing balm with crumbs, which will additionally brighten your skin. And if you prefer, you can opt for the traditional solution.

Thanks to bronzing balms applied just before going out, your skin will be radiant and gently tanned. You will not get dark tan with their help, but only skin covered with sun. Bronzing balms are also not a permanent solution. Almost after each wash it would be necessary to repeat the process of "tanning".

Self-tanner - is it worth using?

Many people associate self-tanning with cosmetics that are difficult to use. Many people think that any self-tanner leaves streaks and makes the skin look not perfect. However, it is quite the opposite. Today we are able to find self-tanning products that make your skin shine and get tanned in a healthy way. Leaving no streaks or unpleasant smell.

You can choose from several types of self-tanning products: foam, spray, balm and even concentrated drops which are perfect to use on your face and neck. Thanks to such a large range of products, everyone will find something for themselves. Regardless of the consistency that turns out to be the best for you, self-tanning is definitely a more sustainable solution for a beautiful tan. Not only in the summer, because you can apply self-tanning all year round. Those in the new formulas do not stain clothes, so you do not have to worry about stains when you plan to wear a white dress.

How to apply bronzing balms and self-tanners?

The most important stage is the moment of applying self-tanning or bronzing balms. This is a process in which it is not worth skipping any step. Only by performing the steps in the right order will you be able to achieve the desired effect of beautiful and tanned skin.

  1. Peel the skin! The first step is one of the most important, without which it will not be possible to achieve a wonderful result on the skin. Regardless of whether you have decided on a bronzing balm or a self-tanner – skin peeling is the basis. You can use a body scrub or a glove to get rid of dead skin and make the applied product spread evenly and cover every spot perfectly.
  2. To apply bronzing products, use a special glove or at least rubber gloves to avoid staining the nails and hands. In addition, the use of gloves will make it much easier for you to distribute the product.
  3. Remember not to put on clothes for a while after applying the bronzing product. Give the self-tanner or balm time to absorb. But you don't have to wait very long. There are many products that are absorbed at a dizzying pace and thus you have the opportunity to apply them before you leave the house.
  4. When applying bronzing products, remember to moisturize the skin. Do not do this immediately after applying self-tan. You should wait a few hours, so a good solution would be to separate these two activities. Apply a bronzing balm or self-tanner in the evening, and in the morning moisturize your skin well, using body lotion. Thanks to this, your skin will not only be moisturized, but also perfectly taut and shiny.