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Hair Oiling Benefits & Tips

Hair Oiling Benefits & Tips

There are a lot of ways of treating your hair. However there is only one that gives you only benefits. No drawbacks, no matter what kind of hair you have. Hair oiling is the best possible option to take care of your hair, especially now, during summer. It will definitely make your hair stronger, more shiny and healthy not only from the outside. However, before you start oiling your hair, you will have to learn a few useful tips that will make the process faster and more effective. Read the article and find out what to do to grow beautiful, long and strong hair without any effort.

Why is hair oiling so beneficial for your hair?

There are a lot of people that aren’t very sure about hair oiling. They think the only thing they will get will be greasy hair. Nothing more wrong. Read the benefits of hair oiling below and you will want to start doing it right away.

What can you get while oiling your hair regularly?

  • less hair loss
  • protection against adverse weather conditions
  • reduction of sebum secretion
  • support in the fight against dandruff and irritations and inflammations of the scalp
  • positive effect on hair growth
  • restoring shine, softness and elasticity to strands
  • effective regeneration, moisturizing and strengthening of hair
  • decrease in the degree of bifurcation of the tips
  • facilitate combing and reduce susceptibility to mechanical damage

Your hair will be grateful if you start oiling even today. But first of all read what kind of oil is the best for you.

What oils to choose for hair oiling?

The keys to success in hair oiling are three: the best for our hair oiling technique, systematicity and selection of the right oil. Many people test several or even a dozen different oils before they reach their ideal, so if the first preparation you do not feel satisfied with the results-do not be discouraged, just patiently search, test, check. The circle of potentially suitable for our hair oils is narrowed by the degree of porosity of the hair – this is the basic criterion, which should be guided when choosing a cosmetic.


In the case of such braids, it is crucial to take care of the volume of the hair at the base and preventive protective procedures that aim to keep the cracks in the best shape. The best choice is saturated oils consisting of small particles and substantial butter.

Recommended oils for low-porous hair:

  • shea butter
  • cocoa butter
  • mango butter
  • coconut oil
  • palm oil
  • sunflower oil

Hair Serum and shampoo in a cube / Soap Box four starlings


The best preparation for medium hair are monounsaturated oils. They provide the hair with all the substances they need, and are helpful in neutralizing the negative effects of external factors.

Recommended oils for medium hair:

  • sweet almond oil
  • avocado oil
  • jojoba oil
  • argan oil
  • macadamia oil
  • pumpkin seed oil
  • rice oil
  • murumuru oil


This type of hair most likes polyunsaturated oils with a large amount of omega-3 and omega-6 acids. What is needed here are preparations with large particles that will fill the gaps in the hair and nourish them from the outside.

Recommended oils for high-speed hair:

  • sunflower oil
  • pumpkin seed oil
  • linseed oil
  • hazelnut oil
  • grape seed oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • hemp oil
  • cotton seed oil

Tips to get better results while oiling hair

It is very important to remember to apply your oil and not leave it to dry. The best option is to cover your hair with a shower cap and a towel to make your hair absorb more oil. The longer you keep oil on your hair the better. It is also crucial not to apply oil on dirty hair. Beforehand you need to wash your hair to avoid any harm to your skin and hair. It will also help you get better results. While washing your oil off you need to do it precisely. Only then your hair will be healthy and will look the best they’ve ever had. Now, when you know what to do and how to oil your hair, don’t think too much. Choose the best possible oil and start your hair oiling journey.