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Eyelash lamination lift – is it worth doing?

Eyelash lamination lift – is it worth doing?

Beautiful, long, curly and thick eyelashes are the dream of many women. However, such eyelashes, unless Mother Nature was generous enough, can be achieved in only a few ways. One of them is lamination lift of eyelashes. This is a revolutionary method, thanks to which in a natural way in just a few minutes your eyelashes become thicker and perfectly emphasized. With eyelash lamination, you will be able to forget about the daily application of mascara or putting false eyelashes on. This is a great solution for moms, working women and basically anyone who wants to have a spectacular look without effort. If you are wondering whether it is worth it-now we can tell you that definitely yes! However, if you want to know the details - feel free to read the article.

What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination is a procedure that involves applying a keratin oil-based conditioner to the eyelashes. It is a preparation rich in nutrients, so your eyelashes not only look beautiful after the procedure. They are also regenerated and nourished. Keratin oil is rich in proteins of cereals, soybeans and keratin, which have an excellent effect on the condition of the hair. Thanks to this, your look acquires depth and you do not have to spend every day in front of the mirror, doing eye makeup. Thanks to lamination, eyelashes will be moistened and firmly restored, and thanks to this they will be extremely curled. After the procedure, the eyelashes will be visibly raised, thickened and their color enhanced.

Is lamination at home ok?

Yes and no. It all depends on what effect you expect. If you want to have spectacularly curled eyelashes it is worth strengthening the effect of lamination lifting. This is a procedure that is performed before lamination, and consists in raising and curling the eyelashes. It gives a lasting, natural effect and is recommended for women whose eyelashes grow in a straight line, are thin, rare and difficult to change with the help of a courtship and mascara.

Can eyelash lamination be done at home?

The procedure of eyelash lamination, both for safety and for the best effect, is worth doing in a professional studio. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the eyelash lamination will be performed hygienically, sterile and using the best cosmetics.

Despite the fact that eyelash lamination is a very safe procedure, there are some contraindications. These are mainly infections and eye disorders (barley, conjunctivitis, allergies), but also chronic diseases. Therefore, before the planned procedure, it is worth consulting with a doctor or a cosmetologist.

If you want to prolong the effect of eyelash lamination, avoid strong makeup. This will make you less likely to rub your eyelashes too often. However, remember not to forget about cleaning it in the evening. Even if you do not apply mascara, dust and microbes collect on your eyelashes, which after a whole day should be washed off with a gentle micellar liquid. Soak it with a cotton swab and gently wipe your eyelashes. But if you need to wash off the mascara after an evening out, bet on two-phase cosmetics. It is best that they do not contain drying alcohol. Two-phase micellar liquid will further strengthen your eyelashes thanks to the oil contained in it.