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Facetaping - how to take care of your face and avoid scalpel?

Facetaping - how to take care of your face and avoid scalpel?

Nowadays more and more people are looking for other ways to stop time. We are not so willing to go under scalpel as it used to be not so long ago. We buy expensive face creams, use special diets and supplements. However there is one more method that we should try to avoid getting old at a fast pace. That is facetaping. Nevertheless it sounds strange and is not clear at the very first moment, so we will give you all the details. If you dream of getting rid of wrinkles – read the whole article. You will find all the necessary information to start your facetaping journey even tomorrow.

Facetaping – what is it?

Facetaping is a dynamic plastering that helps your face not to get old so fast. It is not only a type of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but also has its application in aesthetic medicine. It is a method of modeling and rejuvenating the face with the help of patches. They regulate the work of muscles and the lymphatic system. However there are far more benefits of using face tapes on your daily basis.

How does facetaping work?

When you see colorful, elongated straps on the bodies of athletes – you are not surprised. Kinesiotaping is a method of rehabilitation, which was developed by Japanese physician Kenzo Kase. He proved that colored patches (so-called tapes), which are made of cotton and acrylic glue, can work wonderful things in case of injuries, overextended muscles and pain.

During the movements of your body the straps gently lift the skin, creating a space between it and the muscles. This, in turn, strengthens the functioning of the lymphatic system. In addition, the muscles are relieved and their work improves. In addition, better blood circulation and stabilization of the joints. Patches help fight stretch marks, relieve cramps and can prevent the formation of wrinkles. Interestingly – the tapes do not contain any drugs and their structure resembles the skin. In addition, they let in air, so they are comfortable to wear even during exercise or on hot days.

In facetaping, flexible patches are used, which should be selected in case of pain, swelling and for muscle regeneration. In turn, inelastic patches are put on to stabilize the joints and relieve them. The colors of the tapes are also important. Pink and red have a regenerative effect. In turn, green and blue ribbons are good for swelling. The first effects can be seen after applying the patches several times. The best option is apply tapes on for 6-8 hours, which is best for the night.

Why is facetaping grows in popularity?

As you probably know, under our facial skin there are also muscles and tissues that work together with the changing facial expressions. Therefore, over the years wrinkles appear on its surface. To prevent this, it is necessary to improve blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles. Therefore, taping began to be used not only in the case of rehabilitation of the body and physiotherapy, but also in aesthetic medicine. It becomes more and more popular for its benefits and effort that we need to put – about 0. The only thing you need to do is to buy tapes and then apply on your face. So easy and gives such huge effects. Why not try?

Facetaping is a non-invasive method that can be used alone or to enhance the effects of massage. Face modeling can be used in massage, physiotherapy and cosmetic rooms or try your hand (in the case of simple applications). It is important to adjust and position the tapes according to individual needs. You also need to know the layout of the facial muscles.

Thanks to the use of tapes, skin tissues are cleansed of toxins. This oxygenates the deep layers of muscle and tissue. The tape "does not allow" to wrinkle the skin, stopping the muscle in the place where his work was weaker. The skin has less tendency to fall off again. In addition, it regenerates faster, so there is a greater chance of eliminating swelling or scarring. It also becomes smoother and more colorful. In addition to the effect of rejuvenation, the contour and lines of the face become more visible. As for the side effects of facetaping, there may be irritation of the delicate skin of the face. Therefore, it is worth using softer tapes than for kinesiotaping.

If you don’t want to spend huge sums of money on botox or any other treatments – facetaping can save you. It is important to start it as soon as possible to prevent your skin rather than to treat it. However, when there are a lot of wrinkles on your skin, all’s not yet lost. Choose your perfect color of face tapes, buy them and start applying. You will see a huge difference even after a week. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, so it’s worth trying, isn’t it?