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How to Properly Do a Facial Scrub?

How to Properly Do a Facial Scrub?

Face scrub is a unique cosmetic, whose task is to exfoliate dead epidermis and remove all impurities on the surface of the skin. Perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin, preparing it for further care treatments. In addition, it improves microcirculation and stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes. However, it is also a procedure that, if improperly performed, can cause more harm than good.

What is epidermis?

The epidermis is the outer layer of skin with an average thickness of 1 mm. On its surface there are pores, or channel mouths, through which sebum penetrates - a natural protective secretion against external factors, including sealing ceramides called intercellular cement. The epidermis has the ability to constantly regenerate. The deepest cells in the epidermis are germ cells, which eventually move upwards, forming the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, protecting against injuries.

Different types of face scrub

There are many types of peels on the market. You can choose a face scrub with natural particles, usually with salt crystals, sugar or ground stones. There are also peels with synthetic particles - even balls usually made of plastic. The last type of face scrub is an enzymatic face scrub, which due to the content of carefully selected enzymes causes superficial Face scrub of the epidermis. As we can see, the scrubs differ in composition and action. So how do you choose the best scrub for yourself?

Seborrheic skin

If you are dealing with seborrheic skin, it is best to reach for a natural granular face scrub. It will exfoliate the skin mechanically, unblock clogged pores and bring the effect of a gentle massage that will improve the blood circulation of the skin, and thus make it slightly pink and refreshed. Regular application of the face scrub on the face against seborrheic skin will also reduce the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. However, if this type of skin is also acne, we should do peels after consulting with a dermatologist.

Tired skin

For mixed or gray and tired skin, exfoliating preparations with synthetic balls, which also exfoliate the skin mechanically, will be better, but their action is much more delicate. The microspheres contained in the face scrub have a round shape, making them softer than seeds or shells.

Sensitive skin

For dry, sensitive and capillary skin, thin and delicate, it is better to refrain from using facial scrub. These types of skin are characterized by extremely thin epidermis - its abrasion with the help of face scrub can additionally weaken the protective barrier of dry, sensitive or capillary skin. However, if we feel the need to gently refresh the skin, we may from time to time decide to use an enzyme face scrub or delicate face scrub mask.

Correct application of face scrub

The method of using the face scrub depends on the type of cosmetic. We apply preparations with flecks on cleansed skin and then massage it in circular motions. However, we apply the enzyme face scrub like a cream and leave it on the face for as long as the manufacturer recommends. The peel-off cosmetic should be applied to the skin of the face, and after drying, removed by tearing with flaps. Face scrub residue should be washed off with cool water and then wiped with tonic to restore normal pH.

Rules to be followed

  1. Face scrub on the face should not be done too often, especially if our skin is tender. For seborrheic skin, such a procedure is enough twice a week, and for mixed and tired skin once a week.
  2. When applying the Face scrub, do not rub the skin too strongly and abruptly - it should be a gentle massage that will not damage the surface of the epidermis.
  3. Granular Face scrub is best applied on wet skin and then washed with water - this will prevent excessive skin irritation.
  4. The ball Face scrub should be applied to dry skin and then gently massaged with fingers moistened with water.
  5. An enzyme Face scrub should be applied in a thin layer like a face mask, and then wait a dozen or so minutes to obtain a rubber consistency. Then remove it by holding the skin with one hand and rubbing the epidermis with the other. Finally, wash your face with water.
  6. When applying the Face scrub, avoid the eye area - it is the thinnest and most delicate part of our body that is practically devoid of a natural protective layer.
  7. The Face scrub is good to finish with an application of a nourishing and soothing mask that will soothe redness, nourish the skin and fill it with water.

How to choose the right scrub?

Applying Face scrub may seem like a simple matter, but it is not. Therefore, be very careful when using it, because we can hurt ourselves. If you are not sure if we can apply scrub cleansing to your skin, it is best to consult a beautician. Thanks to this visit we will be able to find out what type of skin we have and what cosmetics are best for us. In this way, we will know for the future what scrub to choose for ourselves.